Wedding Rings found on Oceanside Beach, Calif.

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)


I got home the other night about 5:30pm. I sat down at the computer to write a post for my RingFinder blog. Before starting my post I checked my emails. There was an email from Katie that had been sent about 8:30 am. She was desperate and had asked if I could help her find her lost rings, the most important thing that she owns. I was upset that I had not checked my mails in the morning. She had been at the public beach in Oceanside, Calif. watching a surfing event. Even though it was starting to get dark and it was a 45 mile drive I wrote her quick email telling her I could meet her tonight if she had not found anyone to help her. Within 10 minutes she called me and I jumped in my little Mini Cooper ” Calif. RING FDR ” and headed down Pacific Coast Hwy.. My favorite drive.

At 7:00 pm,  I pulled up in front of the vacation rentals where Katie and her husband Brian were staying. They walked over to the area where Katie said she had walked out to the water the day before. She rinsed the sand off her ring and walked back up to the dry sand playing with their small dog. In that 20 or 30 minutes she realized that her ring was not on her finger. I am always competing with the sand sifting machines on these popular public beaches, but we were fortunate that after summer has past they don’t sift everyday. It was dark and I was trying to be careful to grid overlapping my swings. I did have the advantage that there was two rings, so if I missed one there was a chance to get one of the two. Then I could hone in on the other ring.  I covered about 7 or 8 passes about 60 feet in each direction before the larger of the ring gave me 12-03 reading on my CTX3030 .  I called Katie and Brian over to show them. It was an exciting time for all, even Brian who had mostly given up that the rings could be found. A couple more swings and the smaller ring gave me a 12-02 reading on my detector screen.  Another happy couple and a special beginning to their marriage of 45 days. Brian is a Marine and will be leaving the county next month. Look at those smiles.



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  1. Chris Turner says:

    I love this service and the smiles and stories we find! Way to go Stan!

  2. Great work Stan… E-mails are great for communication but that puts a heavy burden on the receivor to respond to them promptly. In this modern age, I almost feel naked without my mobile devise.

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