Lost Gold Wedding Ring..Laguna Beach, CA... Recovered

  • from Newport Beach (California, United States)

The day before finishing their beach vacation, Taylor lost his gold wedding ring.

This morning about 9:00am, I received a call from Taylor asking me if I could help him find his wedding ring he lost yesterday on the beach. He was searching the internet for a metal detector when he found The RingFinders and my phone number. I was able to meet him about an hour later.

He and his family had been vacationing in South Laguna Beach and had spent the day on the beach. He had taken his ring off and put it into the cup holder of his folding beach chair. When they got ready to leave he picked up his chair and walked to the parking area.  (about 200 ft.)  That was when he realized that he had lost his ring.  Taylor was able to give me very good idea of where they were sitting and that made it very easy to find his ring. He and his wife were very happy and by now they are back home in Utah. I’ve found a lot of rings for people and I still get excited when I can help people like Taylor and his wife find their ring. Their little daughter is still trying to figure out what was the big deal.

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