Lost Silver ring recovered on Hove beach

  • from Kent (England, United Kingdom)

Received a call from Antony this afternoon , he explained how during this mornings family’s swimming trip his daughters very precious heirloom silver ring had been lost on a beach in Hove , his daughter had removed her ring and placed it on a towel before swimming, however as the tide was rising , her mother moved the towel further up the beach , not realising that the ring was on the towel , hence the precious silver was lost in the fine shingle .

I arranged to meet Antony a couple of hours later as the tide was now receding, and he was confident he could direct me to the exact area of beach the silver ring was lost , and after a few minutes of detecting the ring was recovered, it was only a couple of inches under the shingle , so a reasonably easy recovery, thanks to both the exact location being known , and a ring finder to recover it .

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