Lost gold ring found, Donnell Lake, Cass County Michigan

  • from Granger (Indiana, United States)

Summer of 2013, I received a phone call from Chris, who had lost his gold wedding band in a local lake (Donnell Lake, Vandalia, MI) while swimming with his family at a sand bar. His ring was purchased as a “matched set” with his wife’s ring and had great sentimental value to him. After losing the ring, he borrowed a metal detector and tried searching for it in the water. With no luck, he turned to the internet and discovered the Ring Finders directory. Turns out that he lived just a couple miles down the road from me. He offered to taxi me and my gear up to the lake property, and within an hour we were on a pontoon headed towards the area where the ring was lost. He had a good idea of where they had been anchored and I promptly got in the water to begin the search with my detector and scoop. The area was littered with alot of metallic debris, modern coins, lead shot and bottle caps which slowed the search process for the ring. After searching all the area he thought it could be in, I ventured a little further out into slightly deeper water, and shortly after, got a promising signal on the metal detector. Upon raising the scoop out of the water, I could see a glint of gold color coming from what looked like the edge of a ring. As the sand sifted from the scoop, I picked up a shiny gold ring from inside the scoop and asked Chris to describe the ring to me again. His description matched precisely, I handed it over, reuniting him with his lost gold wedding band.