Diamond engagement ring found in House in Glenview, Illinois

from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Contact: 1-773-774-5445
I normally don’t like doing house or apartment searches, guess it’s just because of my hangup having to go through strangers personally stuff.
However after hearing her story it was pretty hard to say no.
Got engaged in January and future husband out of state and she did not have the heart to tell him she lost her ring a,
$15,000 diamond engagement ring , not insured.
Searched for a couple hours and was getting close to calling it when I tried one last thing, took off her pillow shams and found it there.
She cried all during the search and the picture tells the story when it was found.
No better feeling!!!

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  1. Guy Fuller says:

    Oh my! Good job. I stopped doing apartments. Guess I’ll start again!

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