FOUND lost wedding band Gwynn’s Island Virginia

  • from Newport News (Virginia, United States)

I was contacted by Stephen Burgess on fathers Day weekend about a wedding band he lost off of a cottage on Gwynn’s Island in Virginia.  It was about 3 weeks later before we got together to go search the area where he thought he lost his ring while swimming.  I met him Saturday morning of July 9th and he gave me the area where he could have lost his ring. I searched for 2 hours before I located it approximately 15 feet from the shore and in about 4 feet of water directly in front of where he was watching me search.  I could’t believe what I saw in the scoop.  I had a little smile on my face when I started walking toward him and the first thing he said was “You better not be kidding me”.  He was ecstatic when I gave him the ring.  I was too!  I love finding things and what better way to enjoy a hobby as to make someone happy by finding there lost items.  I was blessed to be able to make that piece of lost jewelry get back to the delighted owner.  It was a wedding band that was made from rings of the bride and groom.  IMG_2482 IMG_2483 IMG_2484