Yarmouth Beach Lost Ring Found & Returned Cape Cod, Massachusetts

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

One facet that I love about my hobby is meeting many people. Maurice is one I will never forget. His true feelings for his heritage going back to the Wampanoag Tribe on Cape Cod to his love for a cherished ring that belonged to his grandmother kept me wanting to hear and learn from his words.
What a wonderful story he has about his heritage from the original inhabitants of Cape Cod and their trading, bartering and relationships with other tribes as far away as New York. All this information went along with the fact the larger ring was his grandmother’s who had raised him.

Maurice’s grandmother’s ring along with another ring were dislodged from his little finger while playing in the seaweed with his 5 year old daughter. He searched for the two rings until sunburned.
The next morning he was back searching again. His personality engaged other beach goers to help in the search. The one that helped the most was Sue, the Yarmouth beach’s gate attendant. She remembered The Ring Finder from a ring I returned last year. This lead to our contact. A half an hour later I was ready for the search. Within 15 minutes I had retrieved the smaller band, and anther 5 minutes the second ring was in my scoop. The search and recovery was made easy with Maurice knowing when and where the rings slipped from his finger. The entire beach came alive with cheers and smiles as Maurice removed and showed his grandmother’s, one of a kind, ring.

Maurice and his family left the beach for a Cape Cod lunch and continue enjoying their sea shore adventure form the distant hills of Westfield.

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  1. Maurice Davis says:

    Its, truly a great miracle to have found about Richard Brown. I was on a family 👪 vacation at the Cape. My children were playing in the ocean on the most incredibly gorgeous day in Yarmouth along the beach ⛱. My kids and I were throwing seaweeds at one another my hands were slimmie and in out came my Grandmother’s vintage rings 💍 into the ocean. I learned about Richard by word of mouth. This is why it is important to know that it’s a miracle. Richard Brown is extremely talented and unique. He’s extraordinarily experience in his work took him about a good 30 to 45 minutes. He brought up my rings from out of the ocean into my hands I was so appreciative and grateful I offered him 120 dollars 💵 and he didn’t want it but I told him what heart aches 💔 he saved me and to take it what he did for me I was speechless and in awe! He really saved my mind and heart from being mentally destroyed forever!! THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP!! RICHARD BROWN GOD BLESS! YOU AND MAY YOUR BUSINESS GROWS MORE SUCCESSFUL 🙏.

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