Lost Bracelet Found! Brewster, Cape Cod, MA

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

Sara had lost a very sentimental bracelet that she was given when a child. Sara had spent many hours looking for the piece of shiny gold and pearls with no luck. Later that night she found TheRingFinders on-line and contacted me.

Sara made my search very easy as she had written down her exact steps while cleaning wind driven debris from her yard. A two hour search with two different detectors yielded a pen, wire loop, and some usual trash. Within minutes of calling the search off for the day I went back to a pachysandra patch, turned my coil 90 degrees to the ground and heard a target. The bracelet was “hanging” from a leaf. This turned out to be the second time the bracelet had slipped form Sara’s wrist and had been found in two days; but not the last time to be “lost”.

I wanted to get a picture of the “hanging bracelet” but I had to go to my van to get my camera. Sara placed the bracelet back on the leaf and went to get her camera. We could not believe the fact we could see the hanging the bracelet. We both visually searched to no avail. I went back to the van, picked up my detector and headed back for another search. The first swing revealed the bracelet’s location. We both took pictures were taken and I was given a promise Sara would not wear the bracelet while doing yard work again.

Many moments of despair, joy, and laughter filled my two hours of being with Sara and searching for a precious piece of her life. The best for me was bringing smiles to Sara and receiving a Thank You from a wonderful lady.