Lost Platinum Wedding Ring, Found in Pratts, Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a call from Melissa, asking if I could assist with locating her husband’s platinum wedding ring. The ring had been lost since August 2020 and between then and now time Melissa and Jonathan had purchased a metal detector and attempted to located the ring themselves, with no luck unfortunately.

The story of how the ring was lost started with a stroll along a path on their property by Jonathan and his children, upon arriving at the top of a small hill his children were attacked by a swarm of bees, with one of them having bees all over his head. Jonathan was frantically swatting the bees away from his son(s) when the ring went flying off his finger, and to the best of his recollection it went towards the wooded tree line. Fortunately, his children were fine but the ring was lost….and so my recovery efforts begin…..

I coordinated with Melissa and we set a date for me to come out to conduct a search of the area Jonathan believed the ring had come off. There is a wooded section, only about 40 yards wide by probably another 40 yards deep, but it was thick with vines and brush, along with years of metal debris as the property used to be an older farm. I started my initial search around the top of the wooded section hoping the ring had not actually gone into the thicket of this mess, but after about 45 minutes I was headed straight into the woods. It was tough going, due to the vines and brush you really couldn’t use a larger coil to swing, nor did the 6″ coil work too well in the thicket areas. At times I was on my belly reaching in just to get the coil to do a moderate sweep of the thick areas. Long story short, I was drenched in sweat and dirt, no luck on the ring. After several hours and with the intense heat of the day I decided to call it for the day.

I decided ask Rob, a friend of mine from theRingFinders, Rob Ellis if he was interested in oing me on the hunt and he jumped at the chance to get his Equinox 800 out as well. Rob and I have worked together in the past and it was always a lot of fun teaming with him so decided a Navy (me) and Marine (Rob) team could absolutely get the job done!!

Rob and I met on Sunday at the customers property, talked to Jonathan again about the details of how the ring was lost. Rob and I came up with a quick search strategy before getting started and we broke out two grassy sections in front of the wood line. I used flags to line up my grid and Rob had his rope line on a tethered wheel to lay his grid out. We were almost side by side at this point..There is also a large fire pit area near where we were conducting our search so I was immediately pounded with lots of trash, slow picking… but part of the job.

Within less than an hour I hear Rob say “I found it!” I was like… what? He said “I found it!!”, I was so surprised and there ii was just feet from where I searched the day before. Rob asked that I make the post as we teamed on the second visit on this recovery effort.

We had Jonathan come over to see where his ring was located and he was slightly shocked at the location as he was so sure it went towards the woods. Jonathan and Melissa were overjoyed to have his ring back and couldn’t have been happier.

theRingFinders: ‘teamwork’ is a true recipe for successful recoveries.


God Bless




2 Replies to “Lost Platinum Wedding Ring, Found in Pratts, Virginia”

  1. Melissa Slater says:

    I had almost given up hope until, on a whim, I googled “lost ring professional metal detectors.” Luckily, I was led to this site and Ray! He took my call immediately, and we were able to set up a time for him to come to my house right away. It was a scorcher, but that did not deter him in any way. He searched for hours, and even though he didn’t find it on the first try, he was not at all phased. He gave me a plan moving forward and thank God we decided to take another stab at it. Again, Ray was quick to set up a follow up search and the rest is history!

    I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in search of something precious to them! He is reliable, positive and determined!

    Thank you, Ray!

  2. Rob Ellis says:

    Ray, thank you for letting me tag along on another successful Marine/Navy search!

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