Thank you Mike!

My husband lost his wedding band during the Fourth of July holiday weekend in Huntington Beach as we were packing up to leave. We dug through the sand for an hour without any luck. We retuned the next day with a metal detector rental and searched for another 2 hours without any avail and chalked it up to someone must have already picked it up with how crowded the beach had been. We decided to google “lost wedding ring Huntington Beach” and that’s when we found some of Mikes success stories. We called him as a last ditch effort not expecting much. He was prompt to pick up, kind, informative, told us he does things on a reward basis if found, and that he was on his way. We called him around 6:30pm and he texted us less than an hour later that he had found it based on gps coordinates we had given him, a photo taken from the day, and a description. We were so shocked because the ring had been lost for over 24 hours! The ring itself isn’t worth very much but the sentimental value behind it means everything to us. I’m definitely going to save his number for the future! He’s the real deal! Thank you Mike!

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