Wedding Band Lost in Colona, IL...Found

  • from Bettendorf (Iowa, United States)

In late January of this year, Ryan lost his wedding band in his back yard.  We had just gotten several inches of new snow, and Ryan had been clearing the snow from his driveway, sidewalk, and deck.  Ryan’s hands got a bit cold and his wedding band slipped off without him realizing it.  It wasn’t until he was back inside his home when he noticed that his ring was missing.  I received a call from Ryan’s wife, Kate, who asked me if I could come out and look for Ryan’s ring.  I told Kate that I would be at her home within an hour.

I arrived at Ryan and Kate’s home and I was given a tour of the areas where Ryan had been working.  I grabbed my detector and began searching for Ryan’s ring.  I searched in all of the areas where Ryan had been working, but due to the amount of snow, cold temperature, and additional target signals, I made a decision to stop the search.  I informed Ryan and Kate that I would return after snow melt and when the weather permits.

Fast-forward to yesterday, Saturday, April 29.  I arrived back to Ryan and Kate’s home for a warm weather search for Ryan’s ring.  I began retracing my previous search area in an opposing grid.  Within about 30 minutes I hit on a solid signal in the grass.  My trusty pin-pointer located a white gold wedding band.  It was at this moment that Kate was coming out of the house for an update, and I asked her if this was the ring that Ryan was missing.  Kate was very happy and I will never forget the expression on her face as I handed her Ryan’s ring.  This is the best part about what I do as a Ring Finder.

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  1. Kate says:

    We cannot thank Michael enough for finding my husbands ring! He was so responsive to my call, text messages and was willing to come back out and give it another look once the weather was nicer! Accidents happen, but after searching and searching on our own after Michael left after his first attempt we had lost hope of finding it…& then after less than an hour he found it! We are so so happy!

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