Gold wedding ring found in Carlsbad

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

My First gig as a member of The Ring Finders started with a call from a man named Gama, who lost his wedding ring in some straw.

He was setting up a stage inside a large tent where a school play was to take place when his ring came off while spreading the straw around. Though he and his co-workers looked for it, it was the proverbial needle (ring) in a haystack.

I arrived at the school before Gama but was able to talk to one of his co-workers who knew the general area in which the ring was lost. After a few minutes and only one junk target I received a solid “gold ring” sound and found it just under the surface.

I headed back to my truck and waited for Gama to arrive, after a few minutes the co-worker saw me sitting in my truck and came over to see why. I showed him that I found the ring and he couldn’t believe I found it so quickly.

Phone calls were made which kinda ruined the surprised but a happy Gama was the result none the less.

Here’s the wayward circle…

No worse for wear