Heirloom Pendant Found and returned In Kelowna

  • from Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada)

Troy was devastated when he lost his pendant playing volleyball with a group of people. They all searched for it in the sand, with no success. He called me for assistance and I met him at 7am the next morning at the volleyball courts. I always go early to check out the location and got there at 6am. I searched around and within 30 minutes I had the St Christopher pendant in my pocket. When Troy showed up before his work at 7am, I asked him about the pendant and where he was during the game, he said it may be in the volleyball court, or where they stopped for drinks. He also told me that the pendant was given to him over 20 years ago by his now deceased foster parents and it meant a lot to him. I told him that I had got there early and had searched the whole volleyball court, then I reached in my pocket and asked him if that was the pendant. He jumped up and down and was so grateful, he said that I had made his day.