Wedding Rings Found! (6/28/2021)

  • from Bel Air (Maryland, United States)

Today I received a call from a man whose son AND daughter in law lost their wedding rings.  I told them I could be at their location shortly.  The recently wed couple and both set of parents greeted me and explained that both husband and wife took their rings off and put them in the cup holder of a chair before swimming.  They forgot the rings were in the chair, closed it and the rings flew off into the sand.  After determining exactly what I was looking for, I began my search.  The families had done a great job of gridding off the area and made certain no one disturbed where they had been sitting.  With about 15 minutes the husband’s band was recovered, followed by the wife’s wedding band and eventually her engagement ring.  The couple were very appreciative and everyone returned to the vacation home with a smile.


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  1. Marty Johnson says:

    Great job Ken! You save not only the day but also the special bond those rings hold for the couple that will last a lifetime.

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