Lost Ring in Wooded Brush Found! Bridgewater CT

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

A ring was lost while helping remove a tree limb from the roadway in Bridgewater, CT.

From Nate:

“I felt the ring come off at a substantial speed due to my hand being wet. I know exactly where I was standing, which direction I was facing, and which direction (roughly) the ring went. I heard two distinct “ting” sounds behind me before it went silent, and I turned, but not in time to see where it went or how far. We searched and searched, careful not to disturb the scene too much, and even used a metal detector. We did not go more than a few feet into the wooded brush and are admittedly novices with the detector. The ring is 95% palladium with a satin exterior and chrome-like interior that is quite shiny. We tried searching at night as well as day using a flashlight. Very frustrating that we haven’t found it.”

Nate’s wife found me online, and we worked out a schedule. Nate walked me around the roadside and demonstrated the scenario with another ring (junk ring). The brush and leaves in the wooded area along the road were deep, so a newbie with a metal detector would understandably have trouble finding this ring. My wife and I found multiple targets around the wooded area and even found the neighbor’s property marker. Deep under the leaves, I finally found the lost palladium ring with my XP Deus metal detector. Nate was shocked because they had already spent hours and days across a couple of weeks searching for the lost ring, with no luck. The ring was finally back on Nate’s finger!

From Nate:

“I lost my wedding band and spent several hours, over several days, searching for it. I knew exactly where it was and even bought a metal detector to try and find it. When all hope was lost, I turned to Keith. It was more of a process than I thought, but not more than the ring was worth to me, so, in the end, it was absolutely the best decision. He was professional and efficient. He found the ring in less than an hour!”


How to Find a Lost Ring

Did you lose a wedding band in the leaves? It happens all the time! Don’t waste time renting, borrowing, or purchasing a metal detector. Stop, mark the area where you believe the wedding band was lost, and give me a call. My jewelry-finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and surrounding states.


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