Jack-O-Lanterns Steal Men's Tiffany Wedding Ring in The Woodlands, Texas (found) by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Jack-O-Lantern’s Steal Men’s Tiffany Wedding Ring in The Woodlands, Texas (found) by John Volek….
Men’s Tiffany Wedding Ring Lost while saying good-reddens to some holiday pumpkins!

I was contacted by Steve…regarding his lost Gold Tiffany Wedding ring at his home in The Woodlands, a suburb outside of Houston… Steve reported he had been discarding some holiday pumpkins (jack-o-lanterns) into a vacant field behind his home. Steve said, he believed as he was throwing the pumpkins across the road and into the vacant field, his ring must have flown off. Steve confirmed he was left handed and indeed throws left handed as well…all the information suggested it was a likely possibility.

Steve reported he had searched everywhere else, and the only remaining possibility was that his ring flew off his finger during the incident…

I met with Steve the following day and was shown the location of the discarded pumpkins…following my intuition I search to the left (left handed throw) which led me into the middle of a brier patch to search for the lost ring. After fighting the brier for 15-20 minutes, it became evident the ring was not where I had expected it to be.

I later expanded the search and later found it near the roadway to the far right from the known  pumpkin throwing position…

The search was a bit challenging due to the size of the lot and the unknown possibilities of where the ring could have flown…but we can see from Steve’s smile everything worked out well!































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