Metal Detecting Equipment

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Equipment Upgrades 2013

The Hookamax E2005C-12V is a high powered, portable and versatile battery operated hookah diving system.

I find this unit to be far more effective on my shallow water jobs than my traditional dive gear.


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  1. I checked into the systems by this mfg.. very interesting. If I were inspecting lakes in the USA, I would probably buy one but my water detecting is mostly in the shoreline in the mediterranean… I would like to have a ‘quiet’ system that can be towed on a ‘float’ in water that has ‘small’ waves or swells. The battery operated one does not have enough ‘time’ for my needs and the gas system is a little too loud for my usage here.. I will keep it in mind for the future… really nice to know the system is around.

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