Park Search

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

20130531_123218 20130531_123226May 2013

A few service calls,

1. Lost men’s Platinum wedding band in Houston, believed to have possibly been lost at a soccer field/baseball field. Searched the area for several hours confirming for the owner this was not the location of his lost ring.

2. Lost Gold Tennis Bracelet with 52 (1/4) diamonds, in College Station. The caller report the bracelet had been lost in either a horse stall or horse arena. The caller later reported while waiting for my available response, he rented a metal detector and tried finding the bracelet himself. He said they were having a lot of difficulty figuring out the metal detector and placed a gold ring in the horse stall for testing purposes. They lost the ring, and started a search on their hands and knees to find the ring, while searching for the ring, they accidentally found the bracelet. The also later found the ring in the stall as well.

3. Lost Men’s Citadel Class Ring in Galveston, the caller reported he had accidental dropped his ring over the edge of a pier while assisting a friend with his boat. The caller reported he believed the water was approximately 15 feet deep and felt pretty sure of its location. As, I was preparing gear for a water recovery, the caller contacted me and reported he had found his ring on the deck of the boat under some debris.

4. Training in a local park, keeping the dust off both the equipment and operator. (see pictures) a couple of nice sterling silver pieces, clad coin (modern day), and several pieces of trash.