Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call at work from Bobby who lives on Oahu. While enjoying a day at the beach with his wife, Bobby was asked to apply suntan lotion to her back. He took off his Platinum wedding band and placed it on a Catamaran that was pushed up onto the beach. They enjoyed the day at the beach and when they got home Bobby realized he’d left his ring on the boat. He returned to look for it but it couldn’t be found and that’s when he found “Theringfinders” on the net. We met along a side street and walked down to the beach. Bobby showed me the area next to the Catamaran where he thought the ring should be. A quick scan and nothing at all. I asked Bobby to show me exactly where on the boat he placed the ring. He was sure it was on the starboard pontoon. I asked Bobby if he thought it could have fallen between the pontoons and he said “No!” I said what do we have to lose and asked if we could reposition the Catamaran so I could detect underneath. Another gentleman on the beach helped us move the boat a few feet to the right and I swept that area. Bam! A great Platinum tone and one scoop later there was Bobby’s ring in the scoop. Bobby was so thankful I was inquisitive enough to go the extra step. Hey that’s what we are expected to do. We don’t give up so easy at theringfinders. Aloha to Bobby!

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  1. Bobby Y & Yasuyo Y says:

    Joe is a “magic man” with his metal detector, his experience and his expertise, but more importantly, he is a kind, caring & wonderful man! His motivation and enthusiasm to help is not driven by fees or money 。。。he genuinely wants to help people recover lost items that have, for the owner, a deep sentimental value that often times is priceless! In my case, my wedding ring was intrinsically a piece of platinum but, spiritually, it was a symbol of a beautiful bond of love between myself and my wife Yasuyo. My ordeal began when I took my ring off off to apply sunscreen on my wife’s back while we were enjoying a beautiful day at Lanikai Beach. I forgot to put it back on 。。。we left the beach later in the day without my ring. The moment I realized I lost my ring I felt a sudden rush of sadness and desperation 。。。I could not think of anything but my lost ring 。。。I kept recalling the day Yasuyo slipped it on my finger 。。。I had to find my ring. Determined, I drove back to Lanikai Beach that evening with a flashlight, a strainer bucket and a hand shovel and searched for my ring for over an hour with no luck 。。。my search seemed futile. I left Lanikai dejected. Thinking of solutions on my drive home I thought I might be able to rent a metal detector and began searching the internet as soon as I arrived home. I checked a few sites with no luck then came upon Joe’s “Ring Finders” site and began reading 。。。the information and testimonials convinced me that Joe was my man. I called Joe at 8:30 the next morning and the next thing you know I’m meeting him at Lanikai Beach at 9:30. Talk about quick response time. He began searching the area as he describes and in less than ten minutes my wedding ring is back on my finger 。。。a feeling of relief and elation consumed me 。。。I was “bonded” with Yasuyo once again. I can’t describe my happiness and satisfaction 。。。overwhelmed. Joe shook my hand and took photos of the moment 。。。truly grateful to Joe Au-Franz. In parting Joe told me that “if anyone you know ever experiences a similar loss tell them to not give up 。。。tell them to call me 。。。I can find anything”! Amen Joe! By the way, I told Joe that I think he has the best job in the world💕!

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