Lost Cell Phone in Myrtle Beach, SC – Found and Returned

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

George called me from his wife’s phone saying he had lost his phone and wanted to know if I could help find it. When he gave me the hotel name, I was pretty sure he was in Myrtle Beach, which he confirmed. That’s Matt Fry’s area, so I told George that I’d call Matt and one of us would call him back within 10 minutes. I didn’t have any luck getting a hold of Matt, so I called George back and told him I’d be there in about 30 minutes.

When I arrived at the beach, it was pretty crowded. I called George to let him know I was there and he said he’d be right down from the hotel. When he arrived on the beach he pointed out the area, which at the time, was being occupied by two young ladies. As I started walking over to them to ask them if they’d mind moving, they started packing up to leave, so no problems.

I started doing an east/west grid line, and on the third leg I got a 31-32 on the Equinox 800 so I knew I had he’s phone. Surprisingly, the phone was deeper than it should have been after less than 2 hours of being in the sand. I very carefully used my scoop to get the phone out of the sand, saw it lying in the hole, and reached down and pulled it out. George was in a little bit of shock, but very happy he had his phone back.

George, thanks for contacting me to help find your phone. Have a great rest of your vacation and a safe trip home.


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  1. George says:

    Thanks, Jim for the awesome job! You saved the day and by extension the Myrtle Beach. vacation. Thanks for the incredible work you and your team does every day.


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