Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings Lost and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

My wife and I were on a little get away in Gettysburg PA on Friday the 13th when I noticed I had a missed call with a voice mail. Listening to the voice mail, Frank D explained that his wife Diane was in North Myrtle Beach with some friends and had lost both her wedding ring and engagement ring in the surf. I called Frank back and explained I was out of town but I could contact my son-in-law Donnie and was pretty sure he could go look for me. I called Donnie and explained the situation and gave him Diane’s number.

My understanding was that Donnie and Diane had talked and were to meet on the beach a little later that evening. Not hearing anything from Donnie wasn’t giving me high hopes that he had found them. Donnie called later that evening and said he had no luck and was very sure he was in the right area and convinced he had covered the area very thoroughly. Fast forward to 8:15am Saturday morning and Donnie texted me a picture of the rings saying “Found them”. Come to find out Donnie had gone out early Saturday before he had to go to work and just happened to run into one of Diane’s friends walking the beach who told Donnie that she thought they were maybe 10 or so feet further south. Donnie told me on his second pass over the new area he got a strong signal and knew it was one of the rings, about a foot away he found the second ring.

Donnie – thank you so much for filling in for me, you do a fantastic job and are a great resource I can count on when I’m not able to answer the call.

Frank & Diane – thank you for allowing us the opportunity to find and return your lost treasure.


3 Replies to “Gold Wedding and Engagement Rings Lost and Returned North Myrtle Beach SC”

  1. Richard Philemon says:

    That’s my nephew Donnie Constranstich Damn he’s making me very VERY proud. Love you Donny
    Zio Ricky

  2. Jim Brouwer says:

    Donnie did a great job!!! So glad she got the rings back!!

  3. Matthew Fry says:

    What ever gets the job done. Great job Donnie and Jim. 2nd try shows perseverance.

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