Lost platinum wedding ring recovered! Fort Meade, Maryland.

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

This is my 2nd recovery in 2011 so far….and I’m 2 for 2! I’ll let Jeff P. tell the story. Thanks for checking out my page!

In May 2011, my platinum wedding band came off during a soccer game. I knew I had it on at the beginning of the game and realized midway through the second half that it had come off. I thought back and suspected that it flew off during a throwin, but had no idea where on the field it had fallen. The field is a very large area, approx.100×75, so I thought it was a lost cause.
After the game, I went home and began researching metal detectors with the intention of renting one and searching for it myself. I was surprised to find the RingFinders.com community and decided to contact Jim Wagner. Jim returned my email and within 2 hours, we were out on the field looking for the ring. After only 40 minutes of searching, Jim found my ring! What a feeling of relief! My wife was out there with us and she was thrilled. Thanks, Jim!

Jeff P.

Yours truly and a VERY happy Jeff P!