Lost Wedding Ring Retrieved From Community Pond in Northern Virginia!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

On 2/21/11, I was contacted by a woman named Susan about her recently lost wedding ring.  She told me how she was at her neighborhood park the day beforer and when she went to throw some bread crumbs to the geese in the pond….you guessed it, off flew her wedding band! We made arrangements to meet and a few days later I found myself at the edge of a well maintained pond in a beautiful community. Immediately I slipped into my waders and got to work. After fifty minutes, 3 old cans, a beat up minnow trap and  a coax cable connector, I hit pay dirt!

Back where it belongs!

The look on Susan’s face was one of amazement and joy.  By contacting me quickly and taking note of exactly where she was when the ring came off, Susan made my job that much easier. Being able to return something that is so precious to someone sure is a great feeling!


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  1. Ed Cropski says:

    Good deal,Nice Job!

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