Heavy white gold engagement and wedding band recovered!

  • from Cape May (New Jersey, United States)

Received a call for a lost engagement & wedding ring (fused together) yesterday. After gathering some details from the caller it was learned that the ring was most likely already underwater since the caller believed that it was in the wet sand and lost near low tide, (or so we thought). So we decided that this afternoons low tide would be a good time to shoot for it. I arrived about 2 hrs before dead low tide and hunted a large area (approx 50 X 50 yards)for about 2 hrs,  in the wet, with no luck.  The client was not entirely sure when she dropped the ring but thought it was in the wet sand. So the day was getting late and the dry sand was finally begining to clear off from beach goers and even the client was loosing hope fast. I still had plenty of daylight left so when the client approached me to tell me that she was leaving to meet with family I decided to hunt the dry area now that it was vacant.  The client literally made it to the end of the beach access ramp and BINGO, snagged it! Another happy reunion and satisfied client.


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  1. Chris says:

    I lost my wedding ring on the beach in Cape May today and all the Life Guards advised to call Jeff. He was there in 15 minutes and found it within 5. We had just about lost hope and he DEFINITELY saved the day. Jeff is a great guy that helps people out of the kindness of his heart. We need a lot more people in this world like him. He sets the example of community service. If anything metalic ever gets lost in the Cape May area call Jeff! Thank you so much Jeff! It was an absolute honor to meet you and shake your hand. Thank you for all of your service.

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