Marissa Loses Engagement Ring Same Day On Christmas Eve Magnolia Seattle

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch the SeattleRingHunter recover a Diamond Sapphire engagement ring lost the same day received on Christmas Eve.

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December 2021Marissa contacted me on Christmas day with an emergency engagement ring recovery. She was quick to tell her story sharing that the night before on Christmas Eve her boyfriend proposed to her and gave her a beautiful diamond sapphire engagement ring. Being that they were from Montana and amateur rock hounds they have a special appreciation for sapphires having found and process them in the past. So Levi her fiancé had a few special Yogo Sapphires purchased from Montana set on her engagement ring for that extra special touch. She proudly wore this ring on her finger and that evening they went to a late night Catholic Mass service. When she returned home late at night she got out of the passenger side of their car and then immediately she felt her ring slip off her finger and heard it land in the soft squishy grass below her feet. The weather had been very cold, it was dark and they could only do too much without stepping on the ring and risking damage. The next morning on Christmas day after an online search on how to find a lost ring in the grass they came across and reached out to me for assistance. 

By the time she called me on Christmas day the snow had already started falling. Not having lost a ring like this ever before Marissa’s stress level was now maxed out over her lost engagement ring. I reassured her that with her knowing exactly how the ring fell off gave us a lot of confidence that it had to be in the grass or their car and I should be able to recover it. I told her I was currently in Olympia for Christmas day but would be heading home the next day. The search was set for the 26th and that next day I made it through the snow storm to their home by evening time. The snow had started piling up but all turned out well enough. I was able to quickly recover the ring in securely hidden under the fresh snow next to their parked car. Her new engagement ring was absolutely stunning and found undamaged. The couple was very happy to have the ring back in their own hands. After a quick inspection it was very quite obvious the ring was over sized. She was precautioned to take the ring as soon a possible to a jeweler for resizing for a proper fit. She absolutely agreed not waning to loose it a second time.

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