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Watch this video of Andrew’s lost wedding band that shot off his finger throwing a volleyball at Alki Beach Seattle.

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This adventure took place on August of 2021.  Andrew contacted me asking for some assistance in locating his hammered white gold wedding band of fifteen years. He explained that he was in town visiting a friend enjoying some time on Alki Beach. Before their dinner plans they had walked as a group down to the beach enjoying the views. While on the beach a near by volleyball rolled their direction from a close game. Andrew explained that he picked up the volleyball and with both hands on the ball at chest level thrusted it back towards the players. In doing so he immediately realized his wedding band had shot off his finger over the dry sand.

As we know once any ring is dropped over dry sand it is immediately consumed and out of sight in a second. Alki beach is one of our most popular beaches in the Seattle area so I made a priority to start my search as quickly as possible if there were to be any chance of a recovery. 

Andrew and I were not able to meet in person so we worked many details through text messaging. After I arrived on the beach I was able to send many photos trying to narrow down exactly where he was when the ring went missing. There was quite a bit of uncertainty of the precise location but he had a solid memory of the general area witch was enough for me to get started.

Andrew’s visit to Seattle had also come to an end and he was flying back home the the East Coast as I continued searching for his lost wedding band.

After several attempts over the course of three consecutive days I learned his friend who lives within minutes of the beach most likely had a clearer idea of where he was standing when the ball was tossed.  After reaching out to the friend I learned that he had tried to locate the ring himself with a rented metal detector with no success, just finding some typical beach trash. This is quite common when people with no search experience obtain a metal detector and attempt to find a lost item. Absolutely nothing against these heroic efforts its pretty clear after seeing this happen for many years that inexperienced people simply have not developed the necessary skills in understanding what a metal detector is telling them and often no real organized search skills. It pays to reach out to an experienced Recovery Specialist from TheRingFinders.com to give your search the full attention that it deserves. We have spent years honing our craft and are honored to be able to help so many people recover their lost precious items of value.

I was able to have a FaceTime video call with Andrew’s friend while on the beach and he was able to clarify the location where the incident took place. With this newly confirmed information I was empowered to continue the search and not call it off until I was absolutely satisfied in my search efforts.

I am glad I persevered and continued the search as I did locate Andrew’s lost wedding ring! 

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