Platinum wedding band found in Denver, Colorado yard

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Mark very happy to be holding his ring once again

Mark Rubinstein was hanging out in his back yard having a couple of brews with a buddy on a cool September evening. Guys being guys they ended up in a friendly slapping match, the kind where it is all fun and games till somebody loses their wedding ring. The pair searched in earnest that evening trying to find Mark’s platinum wedding band without any luck. The next day mark searched the area one more time on his hands and knees pulling the grass apart and visuallysearching, again no luck. A couple of weeks went by with sporadic but intense searches yet still the searches were fruitless.

Mark sent me an email regarding my services and explained that the ring was lost in him back yard. I assured him that if the ring was truly in his back yard I stood a very good chance of recovering it. But I also made no promises about the rings recovery as I have made searches that were not successful.

Another week went by and I did not hear from Mark so I sent him another email and also left him a message on his cell phone.  After a couple more days Mark sent me an email and we arranged for me to come to look for his ring the following day at 1:00 pm.

I arrived at the address Mark gave me at the prescribed time, Mark was in his car taking care of some business on his cell phone. He showed me to the back yard and explained what had occurred the night that he lost his wedding ring. I readied my Whites XLT with my Bigfoot coil and prepared to search.

Mark needed to take care of a bit more business so he excused himself and left me to my search. Within 10 minutes of starting I had recovered Mark’s ring. The ring was well hidden by the grass and not visible to the naked eye, but the ring was quite visible to a metal detector. By the time Mark made his way back I had already taken close-up photos of his ring and was just hanging out on the deck.

Mark was elated that I had found his ring as he thought that it could possibly be gone for good.

Ring recovered October 21, 2011.

Mark's platinum wedding band


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  1. Chris Turner says:

    Great work Jeff, Nice short and successful search!
    Regards, Chris Turner

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