Fred Stedtler, Author at The Ring Finders

Lost white gold and diamond engagement ring, Hamburg, New Jersey

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Mason and his family were at a bar-b-cue at a friend’s house in Hamburg,NJ.His Wife’s engagement ring was lost on the front lawn. At that point is was all hands on deck and he and his friends searched without finding the ring.
His friend had an entry level metal detector and they looked for the ring the next day without finding it again.
After locating me on the Ringfinders website we arranged to meet at the site.
They had a good idea of the area the Ring was lost in. I began my grid search of the lawn and found the ring after 45 minutes. His wife was certain she would never see the ring again, so you could imagine the joy its’ recovery caused the whole family. It is so satisfying to return a precious lost item to someone who has lost hope in ever seeing the item again. Like I told Mason at the start, “If the ring is here, I will find it !”

Found lost platinum wedding band, Mendham, New Jersey

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Todd was playing with his son in his backyard. They were using a bubble kit to blow giant bubbles. While doing this his hands became wet with the slippery bubble solution.

It was 2 hours later that Todd realized his platinum wedding band had fallen off! He searched the area without finding the ring. He checked the internet and found me on The Ringfinders directory. We met at his home and he had marked the area of his healthy, thick lawn that they had been playing in. My detector located his ring after several passes over the area. Todd and his wife were very happy with the ring being found.

He was sure he would not have located the ring without my help, as it had been stepped on and was buried in the thatch layer of the lawn. It couldn’t hide from my detector though!

Lost Palladium wedding band recovered Lake Hopatcong , New Jersey

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Brian was working on his dock at Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey. It was cold and his hands were wet. He shook the water off of his hands and his Palladium wedding band flew off and landed in 4 feet of water next to the dock! He searched the water, but it was deep enough that he could not see the bottom and his efforts muddied the water, making his search impossible.

Brian located me through the Ringfinder directory and we arranged to meet at the lake on May 10, 2018 (my Birthday!). I was able to detect from the dock and scoop up from the bottom with my long handled scoop.

After searching for over 3 hours, I found his ring among the mud, weeds and metal refuse that was on the bottom. He was elated to have his ring returned and it made for a very special Birthday present for me. Proof that if it’s there, we will find it!

Lost gold men’s wedding band found Forest Hills,N.Y.

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Marc was cleaning snow from his car after a recent storm. He did not have gloves on and he shook the cold water off of his hands and realized his gold wedding band had fallen off! He heard a clink of metal to metal , but searching in the dark, he could not find the ring.

Marc searched the internet under lost Ring and was directed to the Ringfinder website. Forest Hills is in Queens, NY and not really my area, the local person was vacationing in Florida, so Marc called me in New Jersey. I met him at the site and proceeded to search the immediate area around the cars. After no success in that area I agreed to search on the other side of a chain link fence and had to check individual hand fulls of snow from next to the fence. My pinpointer told me I had a target in the snow and there was Marc’s ring!

Marc was elated to have his ring back and we celebrated another successful Ring return.

Lost gold dog tag found Pompton Plains, NJ

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)
  • O While playing basketball in his own driveway, Cole’s gold dog tag went flying when the chain holding it on his neck separated. He and his friend and family spent hours searching for the piece. This gold dog tag had great sentimental value as Cole’s best friend has a matching dog tag and he was heart broken to lose it.

after locating me on the Ringfinders site we arranged for a search. I used my metal detector for an hour and a half with no luck. I reasoned it had to be somewhere else. I grabbed a ladder to search the basketball backstop, and there between the glass and the frame the dog tag had wedged itself!

It was a happy reunion with his prized possession and Cole was very thankful I had found it. Further proof that it’s not just rings we can locate.

Silver/ Titanium ring with diamond recovered Montague Township N.J.

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)


Jim was in a playful mood while out with his fiancé in Montague Township, in far Northern New Jersey. They decided to sleigh ride in the fresh, new snow. Jim was not wearing gloves and as he shook the snow off his hands, the Ring went flying. He and his fiancé searched for the Ring without finding it. After Jim contacted me through Ringfinders I met him at the school. After a half hour search I received a promising signal at 2 inches and after moving the snow, there was Jim’s Ring!

he was elated that I found it and this has to be an omen for a good year ahead. Despite the 15 degree temperatures, another successful recovery.

Jim’s ring

Jim happily reunited with his ring

Jim happily reunited with his ring

Silver Claddagh Ring recovered- Ridgewood, New Jersey

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Corrine had received a Silver Claddagh Ring from her Aunt on her return from a trip to Ireland. Imagine how she felt when, while clearing snow from her car and flicking the snow off her hand the ring flew off!
She and her Father searched for the ring as darkness settled in making a visual search extremely difficult.
Corrine locate Ringfinders while searching for a metal detector. I met her and her Father on Sunday morning and within 5 minutes had located the Ring. It lay next to the driveway beneath 2 inches of snow. She was extremely happy as the ring had much sentimental value. Another disaster averted and smiles all around!

Lost engagement ring recovered-Lake Waywayanda, West Milford,N.J.

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Kate was running as part of a team in an all night relay race. Part of the 8 mile loop ran across a fresh water beach. In the light rain , her hand had shrunk so her ring was on loosely. As she ran over the beach, she felt her ring fall off. This was a beautiful white gold ring with a star sapphire and diamonds and had tremendous sentimental value to Kate and her husband.
They searched  for the ring in daylight but could not locate it.
She contacted me through the Ringfinders website and arranged to meet at the beach at Lake Waywayanda.
She had an idea where the ring came off, so I picked up my favorite detector and began my grid. We searched two 100ft sections before I moved to the 3rd section of the beach, swung over a small pile of sand and got a 57-60 signal. I told her I had a signal, but sounds too low for your ring . Brushed away 2 inches of sand and there was the ring!
Kate was extremely happy and told me she was certain that I would not find it. Proved her wrong there!

We took pictures and she called her husband to tell him the good news. Smiles all around including a happy couple that were watching the entire search from the edge of the beach.
What a great feeling to return something that means so much!


Pleasantville New York-Platinum engagement ring return

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Lisa’s ring

Lisa and Cameron reunited with her beautiful ring

Lisa is a school teacher and she was very happy to hear that her school trip was taking place at a park a couple miles from her home. While playing with the children, she threw a beach ball and as the ball left her hands-so did her engagement ring! Much frantic searching ensued, including the help of the park employees after which the lost ring was not located. Lisa’s husband Cameron was then enlisted in the search. He purchased an inexpensive metal detector and looked for the ring without success.

Cameron found out about The Ringfinders and contacted me. We arranged to meet and after the drive to the park, the search was on. As I normally do, I had brought 2 detectors along to have  another tool at my disposal. I asked Cameron if he would want to join me in locating the ring. He agreed to use my spare machine and after a brief lesson in how to use the detector we began our search. After 40 minutes of searching and many errant signals Cameron told me he had a signal that sounded promising. I verified the signal with my detector and after looking through the grass, there was her ring below a shallow layer of soil. Needless to say they were both very happy. Lisa told me she thought we would never find it! But with her husband’s help, we had another successful ring return. the ring is a beautiful Platinum ring with an emerald cut diamond. As always the look of amazement and happiness on the faces of this young couple was priceless!

A little help from your friends! eyeglass recovery-Dobbs Ferry,NY

from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Gui had viewed the Ringfinder directory and contacted me to locate his lost Titanium framed glasses. He had been having fun with his son in the backyard and his glasses got wet,so he rested them on top of his head. In the excitement , they fell off and he tried to find them to no avail.The backyard slopes steeply and is covered in Pachysandra ground cover cover.

I arrived and set up to find his glasses. My wife, Susan had accompanied me as we planned on attending a local craft fair afterwards. After an hour of my searching through the ground cover, she decided to look herself. Within 5 minutes she found the glasses laying on the ground in an area I wasn’t even searching. Another satisfied customer for the Ringfinders. Gui was very happy to get his glasses returned and it was smiles all around. Thank you Sue!

Fred,Gui and glasses

Sue and Gui all smiles!