Fred Stedtler, Author at The Ring Finders

Double engagement ring and wedding band recovery South Salem, New York

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

I had a very interesting RingFinder call today. Jane was in her backyard with her dog and she threw a branch for the dog to fetch and she said at the same time her wedding ring flew off.
I set up a time today to search her yard for the lost ring. She had purchased a basic Bounty Hunter detector in an attempt to retrieve the ring herself. She had no success in her search. I searched the main area twice and realized the ring was not in the lawn. Their was a low, heavy chicken wire fence on the border of her neighbors yard and I could not detect within a foot of the fence.I detuned my Garrett carrot and proceeded a very thorough search along the fence. After a short time I saw the wedding band on edge next to the iron fence. When I showed it to her she was delighted and said “ You didn’t see the other one?” And I said what do you mean?
It turns out both her engagement ring and her wedding band flew off at the same time!
I went back with my pin pointer and with her watching ,found the diamond engagement ring 3 ft. From where the band was! Needless to say, she was elated to have both rings back on her hand. A first time double ring recovery for me- very satisfying!

Lost cell phone found Highland Lakes, NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Jacob took his peddle boat out on the lake and his cellphone dropped in the water . The water was 4 to 5 feet deep, but he could not find the phone. He actually called in a dive team with scuba to search and they did not find the phone.

I arranged to search the next day. My first find was a Panasonic large case sized cellphone. After 2 more hours in the water I retrieved his IPhone 12 cell phone. Jacob was elated I had found his phone as it needed to be returned to his workplace as the phone contained sensitive information . Another successful search that proves the Ringfinders find more than just rings!

Runaway Men’s wedding ring found-Lodi, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)








Anthony was sitting on the steps of his front porch when he heard the sound of his wedding ring falling off of his finger and hitting the step. He knew exactly where he was when the ring fell off. After numerous fruitless searches of the area he located me on the Ringfinder site. I arrived to see the search area was fairly small and began to scan the lawn on the side he was sitting. I moved to the other side of the sidewalk and located the ring about 15 feet away from where he dropped it. We were both suprised  how far it had traveled after just dropping off.

It was important we found the ring as the next day the landscapers were scheduled to mow the lawn and there was the chance it would be hit with the lawn mower. Another disaster averted!

Man’s wedding ring found in woods after being lost during tree work-Washington Township New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)


Jide had been helping a friend cut some trees and dump the branches in a nearby woods. He realized his wedding band had fallen off in the process. they searched the wooded area and could not find the ring. After searching the internet, The Ringfinders site was found and I was contacted.

After arriving at the scene I realized this was not going to be an easy search and recovery. There was a massive tangle of cut tree limbs and branches and very little room to swing my detector. Well, team work paid off!  Jide would go ahead of me and move branches far enough for me to properly search the area. I eventually received a strong signal and glimpsed a bit of gold among the weeds and branches. I recovered the ring and it was smiles all around!

Found large man’s gold wedding ring-Suffern, New York

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

         Karen was walking around her townhouse yard wearing her husband’s large gold wedding band on her thumb. Much to her dismay she realized she had dropped the ring. She was sure she had dropped  it across the street from her house, but after numerous frantic searches, they could not locate the ring.

A neighbor had heard of Ringfinders and soon she called me to locate the ring. Karen gave me an idea of where she thought she had lost the ring. After a search of the area, I found that someone had stepped on the ring and sunk it into the lawn. You could not see the ring, but my detector saw it and soon it was returned to the very happy and grateful owners.

Lost gold with diamonds wedding band found- Oakland, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Phil and his wife were involved in a rather heated argument. She took her ring off and threw it from her deck down a steep slope. The ring was a gold wedding band with diamonds completely around the ring. She instantly regretted this and searched for the ring with her own metal detector, with no success.

she located me through the Ringfinder directory and we arranged for me to locate the lost ring. I searched the slope into the woods and did not find it. After talking to Phil, he gave me more specific directions on where the ring might be. Another search with the new information and I found the ring about 40 feet down the slope. Happy smiles and relief all around! Another disaster averted!

I am always glad to help find a lost ring !

Lost gold ring recovered, Hillsdale,NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)


Brian was working on his garden and had taken off his gold wedding band and had it in his pocket. When he looked for the ring it was gone. He looked for the ring, but could not find it.

After finding the Ringfinder website he contacted me to find his ring. Due to the presence of a fence and wire fence around his vegetables, the metal detector could not be used. I had to resort to searching with the pin pointer detector as it has a much smaller zone of detection.
the ring was located in a narrow band of soil between the fence and the garden. Great way to brighten Brian’s day!

Lost gold ring found in Woodcliff Lake,NJ

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Bob was cleaning the gutters on his house in November, 2019. As he grabbed handfuls of leaves and threw them down, he felt his 14 Carat gold wedding band slip off his finger. He searched for the ring and even rented a metal detector to try and locate it.

His wife found me through the Ringfinder site and we agreed to a time for me to look. After one 2 hour session, I had no luck locating the ring.

I returned and broadened my search to be further from the house. Within 1/2 an hour I received a strong signal and there 35 ft. From the house I found the ring about 2 inches below the soil.

They were elated to get the ring back ! Another recovery by the Ringfinders!!

Gold ring with diamonds found after loss at wedding-Big Indian, New York

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Elena was married at a wedding venue in Big Indian, New York in the Catskill Mountains. She contacted me while on her honeymoon in Mexico. Her Grandmother had given her a 14 carat gold ring with a large center diamond surrounded by a ring of other diamonds.
Elena was wearing the ring during the ceremony and during picture taking afterwards. It wasn’t until afterwards that she realized she had lost the ring.
I searched for the ring in all of the areas of the wedding and picture taking afterwards. I finally located her ring after searching for over 3 hours. Elena was elated to get back her precious, sentimental ring. Another satisfying ring search!

Lost white gold and diamond engagement ring, Hamburg, New Jersey

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Mason and his family were at a bar-b-cue at a friend’s house in Hamburg,NJ.His Wife’s engagement ring was lost on the front lawn. At that point is was all hands on deck and he and his friends searched without finding the ring.
His friend had an entry level metal detector and they looked for the ring the next day without finding it again.
After locating me on the Ringfinders website we arranged to meet at the site.
They had a good idea of the area the Ring was lost in. I began my grid search of the lawn and found the ring after 45 minutes. His wife was certain she would never see the ring again, so you could imagine the joy its’ recovery caused the whole family. It is so satisfying to return a precious lost item to someone who has lost hope in ever seeing the item again. Like I told Mason at the start, “If the ring is here, I will find it !”