West Chester New York lost gold men’s wedding band recovered

  • from Mahwah (New Jersey, United States)

Ben was working in his yard and his hands were wet and muddy. He shook his hands off and realized his 14 carat wedding band was missing.
he borrowed a metal detector from a friend and tried finding his ring with no success. He spent hours searching in the lawn where he was sure he lost the ring.

on the recommendation of a friend he located me on the Ringfinders website. We arranged for me to search for the ring. I showed up and he described where he thought he lost the ring.

I located the lost ring in 15 minutes and Ben was elated as the jeweler who made the ring could not recreate the ring due to health problems.

so, if you lose something precious, don’t hesitate to call an expert detectorist through the Ringfinders.


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