Lost - Vehicle Key FOB, Kill Devil Hills, OBX, NC - FOUND!!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

Angela was taking her first trip to OBX.  What a beautiful day; the sun was out, and the temperature was in the high sixties.

As she went up the very sandy beach access with her with her two dogs on leash, seeing the beach in the distance she was thrilled.  Suddenly an off-leash dog approached her dogs, in the scuffle to keep her dogs safe, she lost her balance and ended up in the sand.

Regaining her bearings, she walked down to the beach to enjoy the waves and sand.  As she left, she realized she no longer had her car’s key FOB.  She looked and looked…no luck.  She met a person who lives at a nearby condo who said, “Call OBX-Ed,” and gave her my number.

I received the call around 5pm.  Angela described her situation and I told her that I could be there in a few minutes.

When I arrived, Angela showed me the vehicle access she had walked up.  It had very deep, soft sand, with deep ruts.  I began the search.  Finding only a bottle cap on the vehicle approach we continued out to the area on the beach where the dogs had their kerfuffle.

Shortly after, the XP Deus 2 let out a scream.  I saw a plastic edge of what I suspected was the FOB!  I bent over and retrieved the valuable item and held it up saying, “Is this the lost FOB?”  Angela was thrilled!!!

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