Lost - Lady's Gold Wedding Band, Outer Banks (OBX), NC - FOUND!!

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I was working on my truck and my wife was making pumpkin pies from scratch.  The last thing I expected was a lost ring call…but that’s exactly what happened.

I got the call shortly before noon.   A lady on the other end let me know that she had lost her gold wedding ring on a vacant lot about a one-hour drive away.  The lady lives near me in the Outer Banks so we decided to drive down to the site together.

As we drove, the conversation centered around the importance of the ring and how she lost it.  Her husband had passed away only a few days earlier.   They had been married 51 years.  She had been looking at a boat motor that he had owned.

While walking on the lot she got burrs on her sleeves.  She never felt the ring fall off but later that day she found it missing.  A friend offered to help her find it with a metal detector.  They searched for over an hour with no luck.

On the way to the ring site, we stopped  for a quick lunch.  She asked me if I could bless the food.  I asked God to bless our food and help us find the ring.  I had no idea how easy He would make it.

When we arrived, I did not pull in the one space drive but rather parked on the precariously sloped side of the road. I wanted to concentrate where they were parked previously.

As I got my Deus II out, the lady went over to the area she thought she may have lost it.  The sun came out shining brightly on the ring lying at her feet.  She screamed, “I found it!”  She was thrilled.

The ride back was filled with tears of gratitude and memories of her husband.  Mission accomplished!

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