Lost Men's White Gold Wedding Ring - Corolla – Outer Banks, NC – Found

  • from Kitty Hawk (North Carolina, United States)

I received a text from Brian at 5pm on Friday night.  He indicated that he had lost his ring on the beach, in the water, the previous Sunday.  His wife had been looking for someone to search for it and had just today found my information.  He was wondering if it would be worthwhile to look for it.  I told him that chances are slim due to some rough surf we had but I would try.

Brian and his wife were heading back home from their vacation, but he sent me a picture of the  home at the spot he had lost his ring.  As is my custom, I prayed before I began.  I started with a search parallel at the water continuing up to the dry sand.  Nothing!  then I did a vertical search of water to dry sand encompassing the house in the picture plus 50 yards on both sides.  Nothing.  Two hours had passed.

Just before I decide to give up, I prayed again and went to go middle of the house and a little bit deeper.  As I stood in about a foot of water, I saw sand and shells go by and then…a ring!  I put my coil on the ring to hold it just as another wave crashed in. (very rough surf due to the tropical storm off our coast). When the wave subsided…nothing!  I dug my scoop  the last place I saw the ring just as another wave crashed in.  I lifted the scoop up and found the ring!!

I texted Brian, “a miracle happened today!”  I sent him an image of the ring and said I hope it’s the right one.  He answered back, “Oh my gosh!!!  Yes that is it!!!

Update!!! Brian has his ring back! A man whom I’ve never met texted me and told me where he lost his ring six days prior…I found it!!! So happy to reunite Brian and his wife with their wedding bring

3 Replies to “Lost Men’s White Gold Wedding Ring – Corolla – Outer Banks, NC – Found”

  1. Brian Dellinger says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your dedication and persistence in looking for and ultimately finding my wedding ring! I’m honestly still in shock you found it after being lost for 6 days. My wife and I both thought the ring was gone forever, so what an incredible gift that you were able to recover it! I’m very thankful we found your services, and would highly recommend you to anyone needing your assistance. Thanks again!

  2. Ed Duffey says:

    It was my pleasure I’m just so glad we found it

  3. Noreen Flynn says:

    I am so happy Brian’s ring was found. Such a dedicated Husband and Father, Brian is deserving of all kinds of miracles! Thank you to the ring finder, this is certainly a miracle by all accounts! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this wonderful story!

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