Take me out to the ballpark!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from the baseball coach at a local school. He had his wedding ring on when he started practice and it was gone at the end of practice. He explained that he hadn’t been married very long, so he was very anxious to try and find the ring. He had tried to find it on his own with a metal detector, but hadn’t had any luck. As he and his wife both teach at the school, they also asked some students to help look on the field — no luck. We arranged to meet at the field so he could show me where he had been during practice (and where he hadn’t been, so I could rule out some of the field). It took about an hour and a half to locate the ring, which was tucked neatly under the grass near the pitcher’s mound. As so many husbands and wives tell me, “it’s not the monetary value of the ring, it’s that it’s THE ring.” Glad to be able to get the husband and THE ring back together.

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