Lost Ring in the Gulf, Orange Beach, AL - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

On the same day that I returned Don’s ring I was lucky enough to get a call shortly after from my new friends Eddie and Meryl from Kentucky. They were vacationing in Orange Beach and Eddie was playing in the waves when his gold wedding ring was knocked from his hand. It had been about 24 hrs when they found my info but I assured them that we could still find it. They met me on the beach and Eddie thought he had a good idea where he lost it. Unfortunately, it was about chest deep on me and I’m 6’3” and to make matters worse, there was a significant swell that would float us off our line as we walked out to where Eddie thought it was. On our way into the surf we had about 5 young boys come over and excitedly ask about 35 questions in 30 seconds. We assured them that if we found some treasure we would show them when we got back in. I started swinging my detector as we got closer to the area and got a signal. Eddie said we weren’t quite there yet but I told him we should dig it since sometimes it’s hard to know exactly where you are in the surf. Eddie wasn’t surprised when I pulled up a piece of a can and told me to follow him. Well when we got to where he thought it was, I immediately heard a good gold tone. I think Eddie must have had a gps in his pocket when the ring came off because that was the most impressive recall of where a ring was lost in the Gulf of Mexico I have ever seen. 😃. It took a few tries in the waves but eventually I saw gold in the scoop and knew we had it. I headed to the beach with the scoop over my head so as not to lose it in the surf. When we got to the beach Eddie immediately pulled it out and placed it on his hand. One of the little boys from before asked Eddie what he had found.  When Eddie said that it was his wedding ring the little boy wrinkled up his face and said “Eww!”  😆. Luckily Eddie and his wife were much happier about it than the little boy. I’m very glad you got your ring back Eddie!  😃

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