Lost Engagement Ring - Gulf Shores, AL - FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

I love good people and I really love being able to help them out when they have lost a ring.  I met my new friends Christa and Ryan today in Gulf Shores, AL after reaching out to me about  the possibility of finding Christa’s rose gold and diamond engagement ring that she lost in the shore break yesterday.  They told me that they were here from Texas and Christa had been cooling off in the water and was walking out of the surf when she was knocked to her knees by a wave.  She immediately realized that her ring was gone and Ryan helped try to search down in the sand for it only to discover that it was missing.  Christa found me last night on TheRingFinders.com and I returned her email this morning.  Ryan and I got a chance to talk shortly thereafter and I knew I had to help them out immediately.  My kids and I headed that way despite the rain and found Ryan in the parking lot buying us a parking pass, what a great guy.  We walked down and met Christa on the beach and talked for a second.  I quickly lost focus and had to talk to a well meaning guy with a metal detector about how we were thankful but we didn’t want his help.  After hopefully explaining that I didn’t need his help and in fact his presence there was making my new friends very nervous, he finally stalked us from a bit farther away and I could get started.  This is why it’s so important to start looking for it immediately.  About 45 mins later, Christa and Ryan came and got me and confessed that they may have been down the beach to the east 40-50yds.  I was thrilled to hear it because this means they have really been thinking about where the ring is.  I quickly moved that way and started over my grid search and after several coins I finally found that sweet sound and and showed them the scoop.  You can tell by the pictures that they are very happy to get the ring back.  Thank you so much Ryan and Christa for trusting me with your treasure.


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  1. Christa Swearingen says:

    Super Hero Dave!!!! I do not know how to begin to express our gratitude. From the moment my ring fell off my hand in zero visibility water I felt sick, distraught, and completely helpless. We looked and looked or I guess more like felt and felt but it was hopeless. That night I prayed and (as with all of life’s important questions) Googled what to do…which lead me to the ring finder site and to Dave! He truly was an answered prayer. He got back to us first thing in the morning, he helped to put our minds at ease and instructed us on what to do and not do (thankfully because we were clueless). He immediately packed up his family and drove out to Gulf Shores to help. He was so calm, confident, and communicative about the process the whole time which helped to calm our nerves. He stepped in and helped us deal with other beach finders who were being a little pushy and he ultimately did what I thought was impossible and FOUND MY RING!!! One of the things that touched my heart the most about the whole experience is that my ring is not huge, it is mainly sentimental. Dave stepped in and made it a priority because of what it meant to us and that alone meant the world. He is truly a great guy and we were blessed to meet him and his family. Thank you so much Dave.

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