Metal Detector Hire for Lost Wedding Rings, Oxfordshire, England.

Hello my name is Constantine Hatzis,

If you’re thinking of hiring a metal detector… why not call a metal detecting specialist with many years of experience and the best metal detecting equipment to come out and help you.

I recently joined The Ring Finders Directory for metal detecting specialists to help people find their lost rings & jewellery in Oxfordshire, England.

If you’ve lost a cherished keepsake/family heirloom and need it found… Contact me as soon as possible!  I’ll do my very best to find what you thought was lost forever.

I look forward to helping you!




3 Replies to “Metal Detector Hire for Lost Wedding Rings, Oxfordshire, England.”

  1. Chris Turner says:

    Welcome to The Ring Finders Directory Constantine…I look forward to reading your stories and seeing the Smiles you’ll find this year! Happy Hunting!

  2. Constantine Hatzis says:

    Thanks Chris for helping me get started. I look forward to some interesting discoveries and adding to the smiles.

  3. The Child's! says:

    Constantine you’re amazing!
    Whilst on a camping holiday near Cirencester, my husbands wedding ring came flying off his finger whilst chucking a rugby ball around on the campsite. After an unsuccessful evening of searching in the grass, I googled how to find a lost ring. came up and luckily Constantine was reasonably close by in Oxford. After giving him a call, Constantine was at the site and searching within an hour! And I’ve very pleased to say my husbands wedding band was found in one hour! We were so happy to see it and are pretty sure we would be driving home with it if it wasn’t for Constantine. Huge thanks Constantine! He is was immediately willing to help and full of confidence that he would find the ring, which he did! Yay!

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