Lost Gold Wedding Band South Surrey...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Married just 26 hours…Jordan lost his wedding band! Not long after our first snow fall in Feb. I got an email from the young man asking if I had time to help him find his lost ring in the snow.

I called him right away and heard his story about his father and grandfather who had search the day after with a tiger torch and a rented metal detector.

His parents spent a few hours with no luck searching on the side of the road where he had parked and where he had lost his wedding band. I knew it would be important to go right away and search for it

before the ring got cough in a truck tire and driven away or pushed up the road by the snow plow.

Jordan was at work and was comfortable with telling me the location over the phone as he wouldn’t be able to be there. He sent me the address and photos of the area where they had melted the snow and detected.

When I got there I could see the area that was searched and I took out my detector and started searching and my second signal bang! Found it…Less then 2 minutes by the side of the road. People wonder why they can’t

find the ring with a rented detector, its because of experience and I have over 40 years of that…That being said it was a good effort by his parents!









I love my job! If you need help finding your lost ring call me anytime ASAP…778-838-3463

or contact a member of TheRingFinders.com

Watch the video of the search…

3 Replies to “Lost Gold Wedding Band South Surrey…Found!”

  1. Matt BOEVERS says:

    Wow and wow way to go CHRIS looks like a nice ring and a happy man again

    1. Chris says:

      Thanks, News paper story to follow on this search, unfortunately I forgot my keys in my apartment and got locked out of my elevator during the interview and the reporter had to wait 40 minutes well I had a friend drop off some keys. I’m sure that will be the highlight of the story LOL

      1. Chris Turner says:

        Thanks Christina, It was a lot of fun I enjoy the snow & the smiles…We don’t get much of it any more and this will be the first and last of it.I enjoy reading the stories of the members and Proud to have you as a member!

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