How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow/ White Rock, BC…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Victim #4 (Lost Ring) due to the latest snow storm… Very shortly after my third successful recovery as I walked into my place to sit down and start the video process for my recent recovery, no sooner do I sit down, I get another phone call for a lost ring not far from where I live. I got a tell you, I love each and every call, the excitement of going out to help someone…The young lady who lost the ring her name was Alana, but I was on the phone with her mother who told me her daughter bought a metal detector to search for a diamond ring her grandmother gave her just the day before… I could tell by the tone of her voice that she believed the ring was gone. After talking for about 10 minutes I was confident that the ring would be found.

I asked her where she had lost the ring, she said one of 3 places…House, car, snow. Snow makes the most sense to me, so I arrange to come and meet them and search around the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. When I first got there I met Alana and we discuss the possibilities and where we should start the search. She takes me over to the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. Alana and her mother watch on as I begin to metal detect that area.

The first target signal turned out to be a target in the grass, not her ring. A few steps after that another signal and Bang! found it! This was a very quick search, most of our time spent was discussing where the ring could be, and it was where I thought it would be.

Picking up the ring without them knowing and then surprising them is always fun for me. I feel as good as the person I found it for!!!










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4 Replies to “How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow/ White Rock, BC…”

  1. Chris, awesome job on these last 4 recoveries!!! You definitely caught some great surprise reactions on film. I have to say, I really enjoy reading all of the recovery stories on everyone’s blog. I’m very happy and proud to be a member of The Ring Finders!

  2. Curtis Cox says:

    Nice story’s Chris! Your on a roll.Keep the winning streak going.Gold Luck!

    1. Chris Turner! says:

      Thanks Curtis, Fun times in the snow! Love the snow searches they are fun…Snow is very much like sand it eats up the gold!

  3. Griff (member) says:

    Chris, The videos allow us to feel as if we were actually there. Keep up the good work and come back here (France) whenever you please.

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