Lost Gold & Ruby Ring in West Vancouver...Found!

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I was at work when the 911 call came in for a lost ring, I talked to the young lady and she was crying on the other end and I felt bad for her but felt I could find the ring so I told her to relax, I told her I would be there as soon as I was done work.

When I got there it wasn’t looking good as from what she described as being sandy turned out to be mostly concrete side walk with less then 5% sand in one little section by the log.

She took her ring off and placed it on her bag and forgot and picked up he bag to go home…Well she remembered that she did that 15 minutes after she had left the park/beach.

I started my search where she showed me where she put her bag down on the log, I searched both sides of the log and the side closest to the sidewalk and nothing. I could see where she had been searching for the ring as the sand was disturbed in that area, I started to work further down the log for the ”what if factor” well almost at the end of the log and tucked close to the log was her ring!



It was like magic! When you are about to give up the search and then at the very end of your search the ring shows its self…Magic! I was so happy for the young lady to be able to help continue the story that ring came with.






Thanks for reading my blog…I love my Job!


Watch the video of the search…



2 Replies to “Lost Gold & Ruby Ring in West Vancouver…Found!”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Nice work Chris. The garrett carrot is an awesome tool for those hard to get to places. Just got to love the priceless reaction too.

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks Mike, yes it was a fantastic reaction and I was just as happy as I was running out of room and found it at the last part of my search.

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