How To Find A Lost Ring On Kits Beach, Vancouver.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

The other day I went to the beach at night to cool off & relax and of course do some metal detecting. I started searching where all the people hang out by the logs during the day, there were some partiers still out there at midnight and one of my treasure hunting friends showed up so I headed to the other side of the beach away from the young kids. I was finding the coins and a ton of bottle caps then I found a silver ring. I could see the 925 stamp inside the band so I put it in my pouch and carried on.




When I got home early in the morning and after a couple of hours of sleep I was on my computer and I checked out the craigslist to find an ad about a lost silver wedding band with a great drawing of the location the ring was lost…I knew  it was the ring I found. So I sent a picture of the ring and said I think I found your ring…The phone rang minutes later and the young lady couldn’t believe that I found it. She was so excited and told me that she wasn’t going to tell here husband she was going to surprise him. They only got married two months ago and he was very sad!





I arranged a meeting place and the young lady picked up her husbands ring and headed for home after a little interview…Below you can watch the video.

I love this hobby and I love helping people find their lost rings!

Thanks for reading my blog! If you need help finding your lost ring call me ASAP


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3 Replies to “How To Find A Lost Ring On Kits Beach, Vancouver.”

  1. Mike McInroe says:

    Way to go Chris!! And nice job on cleaning up the beach and sweet coin haul too!!

  2. Chris Turner says:

    Thanks Mike…Lucky to have found that ring on such a big beach with no idea it was out there…I find twice as much garbage sometimes 3 times as much in a night. Its nice to clean up the beach.

  3. Steve Smith says:

    Made her day; great job Chris!

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