Metal Detector Rental for Lost Diamond Engagement Ring and Gold Wedding Band

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

You can rent a metal detector and search for hours and not find your lost ring…Dose that mean your ring is not there? I have found over 300 lost rings for people over the past 20 years and I’d say more then 60% of my clients had rented a metal detector before hiring me to find their lost ring.

A very small percentage of people who rent a metal detector will find their lost ring as most people have never used a metal detector before, and the one’s you rent are not the best out there. The other factor is where to look for your lost ring…

For me, in most cases, I find the ring nowhere close to where people think they lost it. So how many people are out there who rented a metal detector and searched for hours to just gave up because the detector was beeping everywhere and they couldn’t find the ring where they thought they’d lost it…

That’s where this directory (The Ring Finders) comes in handy! The Ring Finders Directory consists of metal detecting specialists that can save you time and find what you thought was lost forever!

If you don’t find your your lost ring…Don’t give up!  Hire a metal detecting specialist!

And yes we can find your lost ring in snow!

Happy Holidays!

Chris Turner