How to Find a Lost Ring in your Garden in Vancouver/Lower Mainland

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

It happens a lot…You’re out gardening in your back yard and after a long day working on your garden you come to realize that your wedding band or engagement ring is missing! It’s truly a horrible feeling! Where do you start looking? It could be buried in the garden or in a bag of leafs or it went over the fence when you threw away the weeds.

I have found many wedding bands and engagement rings over the years for people and the most important thing to do is… Don’t Throw Away the Bags of Yard Trimmings! That is the big mistake because  that’s where I find lots of the ring!

The next thing to do is go to…   and find a metal detecting specialist in your area that can help you find what you thought was lost forever…

Chris Turner

(When you want your lost ring to Find you!)