How to Find a Lost Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

How to find a lost Ring…You can rent a metal detector and spend the day searching for your lost ring or you can hire a metal detecting specialist from ”The Ring Finders” who have the best metal detecting equipment and know how… Our success rate is amazing!

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Below is a testimonial about The Ring Finders…


It wasn’t just any ring that went flying off my finger while throwing snowballs at our husky. It was THE ring. The ring he chose all by himself. The ring he loved enough to give to me when he got down on one knee. And now it was hidden somewhere in 2 feet of snow!

We were newly engaged and still floating on cloud 9. Everything was perfect leading up to that afternoon of playing in the snow. The sunshine was glistening as we took turn tossing clumps of snow into the air. Our dog was jumping up chomping on them. I picked a big clump and tossed it with both hands. As I let go of the snow I knew instantly that my ring, which hadn’t been sized yet, was gone. Feeling it slide off the whole length of my finger was the worst feeling in the world.

We looked for hours. Tracing and retracing every inch of the dog park we were in. When our eyes failed us we shoveled 16 trash bags full of snow and melted them in the bathtub hoping to find my ring in the water. Bag after bag melted and bag after bag there was no ring. As my tears dried we slowly began to realize that short of a miracle, the ring was gone forever.

That miracle was discovering on Google. They were great! There was no one in our area listed on the website but they found us a guy who lives down the street. Larry came the next day with all his gear and in 45 minutes had the ring back in my fiance’s hands. Larry’s strategy was simple and effective. He started with where I was standing and slowly expanded his search past where we had been looking until he hit the jackpot. We are so grateful to Larry and for helping us! Instead of a tragic memory they gave us our ring, a great story to tell at the reception, and something my fiance can tease me about for the rest of our lives.

Christopher M. Corcoran