Metal Detecting for 2 Lost Rings In Maple Ridge, BC

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Close to two months back I received an email from a young lady asking if I could find her husbands wedding band that he lost while gardening. I replied but never heard back from her, just the other day she contacted me again and we set a day to look for the ring.

When I arrived this morning at 10 am I was greeted by Brenda who quickly told me that she lied about how her husband lost his ring and explained that he threw the ring in the back yard and weeks later she threw hers…

Brenda isn’t the first to do this nor will she or her husband be the last!  This happens a lot ! More then people think…She is just the first to discuss it with me on video and I’m very grateful for that! It’s important that others know that they’re not the only ones doing something like that and not to feel embarrassed,  just call me ASAP and I’ll get that ring back on your finger where it belongs.



I was able to find her husbands ring in only a few minutes but I wasn’t  able to locate her ring. I knew the minute I saw her back yard that there was going to be a good chance that it ended up in the neighbours back yard which wasn’t that far from where the ring was thrown.

The only problem was that the neighbours where the ring could be,  wasn’t home. So now we wait until I hear back and hopefully we can get her ring back on her hand!

I love my job!

Thanks for reading!

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