Metal Detecting English Bay Beach for lost Silver Native Bracelet and Silver Ring

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Another night hunt, two in a row…I was at work when I received a call from a young lady who lost her silver native bracelet and silver ring at English Bay Beach in Vancouver.

She tells me that she was enjoying the beach with her son on one of our hottest days of the year, she took off her jewellery to put some suntan lotion on and placed it on the blanket.

When she was ready to head home she picks up the blanket and shakes off the sand not remembering that her bracelet and ring was on it…

An hour and a half goes by and she realizes that she hasn’t got her cherished jewellery, the bracelet was given to her 28 years ago by her father and the ring she had for 20 years.

Needless to say she was devastated, she went back to the beach and searched but did not find what she was looking for…

With the help of the lifeguards that saw her searching the beach she contacted me, I came out after work at around 11:15 pm and she showed me the area.

I received a couple of signals and this got her so excited but unfortunately it was just some beer caps. I finished the grid search of the area then started to expand the grid when I received another signal.

I slowly dug the sand with scoop and as I lifted it out from the sand I could see silver and at that moment I heard her scream! There in my sand scoop was both ring and bracelet!

I was hugged and thanked as she was very grateful that she had her jewellery back.

I love my job!

Lost something?

Call me ASAP!

Chris Turner 778-838-Find(3463)

Please watch the video below…

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  1. Lesley says:

    I have lingered over just what to say on this blog as no words can express the gratitude I have for Chris and what he did for me.

    What I can say is that from the very moment I called Chris he was/is:

    – as optimistic as I was (saying “if it’s there, I WILL find it”). Wonderful words when one has lost something so dear and KNOWS it’s there let me tell you!
    – totally professional in every way: from his language and manner on the phone to his knowing what was what on the beach, the timing of such things etc. I felt SAFE meeting him at 11pm (my son was a bit worried, but from our telephone conversations and the recommendation of the life guards I just KNEW, in my gut, that he was a very professional, “good guy”)
    – dedicated to the project of helping me, a total stranger: after a long day of work he met me the same night I lost my precious items, at 11pm, saying that if we didn’t get there before the “beach sweepers” which begin the work of cleaning and destroying everything in the sand at about 3 or 4 am.
    – went above and beyond what any “good guy” might do: I locked myself out of my car and after we found my items he helped me get back into my locked car!
    – truly, a living knight in these modern times.

    Quite honestly, Chris’s professionalism, kindness, sincerity, and giving restored my wavering faith in human beings helping each other out BECAUSE WE CAN and because we care, because, basically, it’s always the right and wonderful thing to do. He took time out of his very busy life to help me, a total stranger with nothing to offer him, find the most precious possessions I have. He didn’t ask for any money, he didn’t ask for anything at all, in return for helping me. He helped to help and THIS is something I know, as a volunteer, is the foundation of compassionate living, volunteering, and being of service in our world: to be of service simply to be of service. I mean, how often do we see this in our modern, capitalist society? It’s SO rare that when I experienced it and was the recipient of it, with Chris, my heart was utterly warmed and enlivened. As I’m not working, I offered to bake him and his partner some delish baked goods. How’s that for a sweet ending?

    And then he’s kind enough to call me “young”! : ) Thanks for that Chris and SO much more! Thank you for being YOU: an amazingly generous, giving, and loving human being walking and sharing this planet with us. Blessings and abundance and FUN treasure hunting to you!!

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