Metal Detecting North Burnaby for... Basement Gold Wedding Band

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Today I had a search for a set of keys that might have been lost in some dirt that this man spread around his yard. I searched but no luck. I hope for him it shows up in his house one day…

On my way home from that search I received a call to help a man who lost his white gold wedding band in his house. My first thought was unless he has sand or dirt in his house there’s no chance.

He tells me that he was in the middle of renovating his basement, he took off his ring and placed it on a pipe and shortly after it fell off into the dirt & sandy floor…

I’m listening to his story and looking out my car window as the rain was coming down, and thinking to myself, I’m going to have an indoor search… My first.

I arrive at the house and met the young man and he tells me what happen and takes me to the basement. We have to clime up and over a hole in the wall to get to the area the ring was lost.

He shows me the area and I start my search, I had one good signal but it was reading gold then iron.

I started to search in the area I got the signal in and there it was, his white gold wedding band. He was very happy to have his ring and he told me he could continue his renovations now as he couldn’t do anything until he found it.

I love my Job!

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View the video below to see the ring…