Metal Detecting for the Golden Goose/Ladner BC/Nov.1st

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Nov. Ring Search 1

The hunt is on for a lost gold wedding band in Ladner BC when a man hunting snow geese lost his ring. He was with his father and his hands were cold and he shook them and off went his ring.

He went online to rent a metal detector and came across my website, he called and told me that he lost his ring and that he could put me in an area the size of a room. At first he thought of renting a meta detector then he thought it would be better to hire an expert. Great I thought! Another ring search, I meet with the man and his wife and I walk out to the area he lost his ring.

It took close to 15 minutes in a marshy swamp and duck hunters all around for us to get to the spot! You can hear the duck calls and then hear the shoots…I’m thinking this is a first! I asked if this was safe and he replied no problem as the shots were aimed up at the geese…

I started my search in the area were he knew the ring would be in, after close to an hour there was no ring. I took my wedding band off and asked him to re-enact what happened. He was worried that I wouldn’t find my ring… That wouldn’t make me very good at what I do…Both time the ring flew in the same direction, I searched and expanded my search but no ring.

There were big pot holes and that was a concern as I’d have to dig out the holes and search the mud. Instead I expanded my search in the opposite direction and within minutes I received a good signal. I moved the grass and there it was! I presented him with the ring and he & his wife were so happy to get the ring back!

I love my job!

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Check out the video below…