Metal Detecting Spanish Banks/Volley Ball Court Gold

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I just got home from a four hour water search in a lake in Maple Ridge where I found a lost wedding band for a young man.
I didn’t have breakfast so I made some lunch and fell a sleep soon after.

A few hours later a wake up to a phone call from a man named Scott who lost his wedding band at the volleyball court at Spanish Banks Beach.He got my number from the life guards, I listened to his story and felt it would take no time to find the ring as he had a small area for me to search because he saw the ring fly off his finger into the sand.

I jumped into my car and headed out, I met Scott and he showed me the area and no sooner did I turn on my metal detector… I found his ring!

Scott told me the story about how his mother gave him her fathers wedding band that was sitting in a drawer for 50 plus years… What a sad story but a happy ending!

I love my job!

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