Lost Diamond Earring/Spanish Banks/$200 Reward

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I received a call to find a lost diamond earring this morning and the lady told me it had been lost for over 3 weeks at a dog beach in Vancouver, Spanish Banks. She went into the Ocean to cool down and she felt the earring come off…

Her and her husband came back the next day and searched for hours but no luck, I also had no luck as earrings are the single hardest piece of jewellery to find as there is so little gold on the post. If this was lost in a back yard I’d have a great chance in locating he earring.

The time frame would have something to do with it but most detectors will not get a signal on a solitaire diamond earring… Very little weight which would mean that it could have moved down the beach with the tide over the last 3 weeks.

It’s a half karat Diamond Earring exactly like the one in the picture above…$200 Reward if you find and return it to Liz… Contact me and I will put you in touch with the owner who would be extremely thankful to have it back!

I will go back a do a grid search of the area just encase I might get lucky!

Can’t find them all…I love my job!

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