Metal Detecting for...Midnight Gold/Spanish Banks/Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’m at work and I get a call from a young man at around 7 pm who was looking to rent a metal detector to find his wedding band at the beach.

We talked for a while and I told him that I didn’t rent out my detectors but I could give him a number to call. That being said if he waited till the next day there could be a chance that the beach machine that cleans the beach could scoop it up and it would be gone forever…

I explained to him that I was working and that I couldn’t get out there to find the ring until around midnight, I told him I’d be happy to come out and find it for him.

The first question was how much do you charge? I don’t charge I replied, I work on a reward bases… only if found… ”I just can’t put a price on someone’s jewellery that has an emotional and sentimental value”

He agreed to meet at the beach at midnight and he gave me the location, after work I headed home to grab my detectors and off to the beach I went.

It was a little before midnight and I met Andrew who was holding a flashlight by the volleyball court where he lost his ring, for a few minutes we discussed the possibilities of where the ring could of come off. He showed me an area he marked off and told me there was close to 20 people helping him search for the ring for over a half hour, but no luck.

I started my grid search of the area and after searching the side of the court that he thought it was in and after 10 minutes I had no ring… I told him its a game of inches and not to worry. I started my second part of my grid search and within 5 minutes a total of 15 I had my first solid signal, I told him that this looks good, I took out a scoop of sand and put my light in the scoop…There was his white gold wedding band!

I got a big smile and I could tell he was very happy, I was thrilled to find it for him…It made my day!…Or night…Midnight Gold!

I love my job!

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Watch the video below…Midnight Gold